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Why choose amor Web Design?

Quite simply because we offer a service second to none. There are a multitude of web designers to choose from; there are those who profess to understand Joomla!, but actually only have a rudimentary knowledge of the inner workings; there are others who assert themselves to be original thinkers, indeed contemporary designers with an eye for uniqueness, but will stick to the same tried and tested methods, varying the templates and colour schemes only slightly. At amor we love originality.

We are proud of our reputation as Joomla! experts and go to great lengths to keep abreast of all the latest developments in the Joomla! Community. In a nutshell, we understand how Joomla! works; we understand how internet users view sites, what they like and what turns them off; we understand where conflicts between various elements of a design may occur and how to manage them; we understand what the search engine spiders are looking for and how to optimise a site accordingly.

We can make Joomla! work for you; we can take your design concept and turn it into reality.

Don’t gamble with your business prospects.

In contracting amor Web Design to design, set up and customise your site through the medium of Joomla!, you can expect to have your project managed efficiently and in a cost effective manner, leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

Why not build my own website?

If the software is free, why employ a web design company? Can a client not build their own website? The simple answer is yes they could. However, consider this.......

1)    Do you have the time to trawl through a 250 page Joomla! user manual, along with any manuals that accompany Joomla! compatible extensions?
2)    Do you understand how to achieve the correct design concept for your website that will attract and retain visitors?
3)    Do you have the time to research the available extensions and what, if any, conflicts there are with others you may wish to use?
4)    Do you possess a working knowledge on how to optimise your website for the search engines?
5)    Are you Web 2.0 cognizant?
6)    Are your personal skills not better employed within your own business sector?

If you can answer yes to the first 5, then by all means, you could build your own website. Whilst it is true that once a site is live it can be relatively straightforward to maintain; however, it must also be remembered that for someone new to Joomla! reaching this stage could take many months and some considerable effort. Ask yourself this: is this a good use of your time?

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