The works must be conceived with fire in the soul, but executed with clinical coolness.

Joan Miro

Initially we will liaise with you to discuss your concept and to gain an understanding of how your business operates and what you expect your website to provide. We will discuss template styles and colours, and make suggestions based upon our experience. We will establish what features you require, along with the likely quantity of content that will need to be included.

From our discussions we will draw up an ‘Original Thought Document’ summarising your requirements and how we intend to achieve the objective. We will then prepare a scope of works which will define the timescales, project activities and agreed budget.

You will need to provide the content you wish to appear on your site, as well as supplying us with a company logo and any images you would like to display. If you do not have either a logo or picture editing software, or do not feel comfortable with preparing the content, please talk to us and we can discuss options to outsource the work on your behalf. The costs involved in the outsourcing will be your responsibility.


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