Why do I need a website?

Those who want to get ahead and stay ahead are finding that having an optimised web presence is critical for success. Irrespective of whether you sell products or services online or not, a website gives potential clients a place to go to learn more about your company and what it offers them. Do not underestimate the power of even a simple, information only website. Having access to information about your business on the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year gives you the advantage over your competitors who have no web presence.

What do I need to start a website?

Firstly you need a Domain Name. We can assist you in choosing a name, normally based on your company name, and check the availability. Once you have registered your chosen Domain Name, you will need Web Hosting. This is the space that your website occupies on the World Wide Web. amor Web Design can provide hosting for your site on our server.

How do I choose the appearance of my site?

We will liaise with you to discuss template styles and colours, and to make colour suggestions.

What do I need to provide for my website?

You will need to provide the content you wish to appear on your site, as well as supplying us with a company logo and any images you would like to display. If you do not have either a logo or picture editing software, or do not feel comfortable with preparing the content, please discuss this with us and we can discuss options to outsource the work on your behalf. The costs involved in the outsourcing will be your responsibility.

What do you do with the text I provide?

We will proof read it and suggest amendments in order to optimise it for the major search engines.

How long will the website take to build?

This is wholly dependent on both the complexity of your requirements and the volume of information and images to be included. Initially we will liaise with you to discuss your concept and to gain an understanding of how your business operates and what you expect your website to provide. We will establish what features you require, along with the likely quantity of content that will need to be included. From our discussions we will draw up an ‘Original Thought Document’ summarising your requirements and how we intend to achieve the objective. We will then prepare a scope of works which will define the timescales, project activities and agreed budget.

What guarantee do you offer that my project will be completed as specified and within my deadline?

As previously stated, we will supply and agree on a scope of works detailing the terms and specifications of the proposed web design project, such as all included services, the payment terms, and the agreed deadline.

Who will maintain and update my site once it has been built?

There are two options, which we will explain fully at the outset of the project.

1) We provide Content Management System (CMS) training for you to operate and maintain your site independently.

2) amor Web Design updates and maintains the site; you merely provide the updated details via email and we do all the rest.

Who owns my website content?

You do. The client retains ownership of all finished website content, as well as the licenses to any scripts that were purchased on your behalf, for example shopping carts and database management systems.

Can you take over the management and maintenance of my existing website?

amor Web Design does not offer this service; we will only host and maintain sites that we have built to our client's specifications. We are, however, happy to meet with you to discuss revamping your existing site and transferring the data onto a new, improved web site, which we can host and maintain on your behalf.

How much does it cost?

The costs depend on the requirements of the client. To simplify matters we have put together a variety of typical hosting, building and maintenance packages, which can be viewed here. However, we appreciate that each business is unique and therefore will cost each project out according to specific requirements.

Please note; you may have seen companies that offer to build websites for £99. This sounds like a good deal, but what will you actually get? At amor Web Design we prefer to offer exceptional quality at reasonable cost, without compromising on performance.

What is your payment policy?

For standard projects we request 50% payment of the total project price on signing the contract before we begin development. The remaining balance becomes due after the project is complete and the site is ready to go live.

For more complex and bespoke projects that require an in depth scope of works to be prepared, we request an initial, non-refundable commitment fee of £150 to cover the preparation work; this will be offset against the total agreed project price, with the balance being due in equal parts, 50% on signing the contract, the remainder on completion of the project.

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